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The CD player comes at the beginning of the eighties, when the quality of the vinyl record was not enough for some audiophiles / musicians / producers. The background noise of the discs and reel tape recorders then used, as well as sometimes insufficient dynamic, led to the emergence of the compact disc player, with its greater purity of sound, more dynamic and longer duration of registration, it fell like a stone in the middle of the musical media. Finally, it was why everyone had been waiting forever. Consumers on the one hand, the sound quality and the musicians on the other, by the time of recording and manufacturing costs that lowered significantly.

We witness immediately a huge move editing remastered CD’s of reference pieces, which led to a huge demand for players. These, in turn have improved such way, that reached nowadays a truly studio quality.

It is nowadays really possible to listen comfortably at home, with Studio-Quality, the best interpretations of the world's best soloists, through modern CD players.

CD Players

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