The speaker is simply the last link in the chain of components needed to bring up to us all the realism of the musical performance of any interpreter . Until now we still can’t find any replacement for this equipment . 1 , 2 , 3 , or more drives , their complexity grows with the realism that it is required . The same applies to their size or the technique used . Needless to say the ideal would be to have them designed and constructed in accordance with the limitations of each Audiophiles house. But as unfortunately most people can’t hire the finest sound engineers for this task, despite the education of " ears " among us have been increasing very significantly , one has to do is to choose the best compromise price / quality / brand , and listen, listen, listen .

A small but very important final note . Many people think that the speakers may be less considered when planning the investment of the sound system . Allow us our opinion . They are totally mistaken. The speakers are fundamental if we want to get the whole system performance . Think what would be a car with a Ferrari engine and little wheels , or rather a huge wheeled car with a tiny engine!


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