Delivery Charges

Shipping costs in Portugal (Continental )
The shipping costs are composed of the corresponding parts logistics handling , packaging and transport .

The shipping costs are calculated individually for each unit shipped.
The carrier that chosen for their equipment is CTT Express . Below you can see a table with the shipping costs to Portugal mainland and islands .

The service we suggest is 24 hours . However, this period may be influenced by a number of factors such as:

1 ) does not make shipments at week ends , or Holidays .
2 ) In the Product record can check the estimated time frame for the delivery of the same .
3 ) If there is a rupture in relation to any goods ordered, we can choose one of two situations : a) contact the supplier and find out the lead time of the article, immediately contacting the customer to inquire of its acceptance, the confirming to take your order to go , or b ) in the case of non-acceptance of the new date proposed to the customer, cancelation of the order and refund of all monies paid .
4 ) The dates indicated for shipment of goods are estimations. Any delay does not confer the right to compensation .

Portugal (Mainland)

24 a 48 horas


Cost per piece

Till 5Kg

6,00 €

Till 10Kg

7,00 €

Till 20Kg

9,00 €

Till 35Kg

15,00 €

Till 50Kg

22,00 €

Till 75Kg

33,00 €

Till 100Kg


More than 100Kg

Please consult

To the Islands

Islands (Açores and Madeira)

5 to 7 days

Até 15Kg


Até 25 Kg


Até 30 Kg


More than 30Kg

Please Call

In the shopping basket can see a real-time simulation of the cost of the shipping costs for products of interest.

Additional expenses :
Do not forget that according to the chosen mode of payment , they may be spending . They are detailed in the general conditions of purchase. Also summarize here what these expenses:
• Payment in advance ( bank transfer or deposit into account ) : no charge on the final amount to be paid by the contract (except in the case that your seat covers to make the transfer ) You only have to contact us to get it right the payment .
• Payment by ATM will not have any overhead .

• PayPal : PayPal If you are an existing customer , you should use this payment option . Please note that this service has a per transaction fee of 1.95 % on the total of your order .
• Prices do not include installation of the product and do not collect old products .

For Spain

Deliveries will be made in 72 hours and we will use the services of SEUR a well known company in the field of transports.


Continental Spain

Till 5 Kg


Till 10 Kg


Till 20 Kg


Till 30 Kg


More than 40Kg

Call us

For the Islands (Canárias and Baleares) please consult us.

Note: Insurance of the goods is not included but may be separatelly purcahsed. Please contact us prior to the purchase.

Delivery Point in Lisboa.

Working conditions:

The purchase has ALWAYS to be made via the web Site.

The Delivery Point will ALWAYS and ONLY work upon previous booking. (Tel. 911826777)

Schedule: Working days from 10.00-13.00 and from 15.00-18.00

Address: Rua Teixeira de Pascoais-17C – LISBOA


(Due to Covid we are working from Home)

For Azores and Madeira Islands Please consult us and we will do our most to get a more economic transport.