Terms of purchase

Pricing policy: ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT, reserves the right at all times and unilaterally, to change the prices of products and services offered through its Web page. The price will be considered valid given the advertising, and will coincide with the time to finalize your order.

The interactive electronic purchasing process has different steps, according to the option menus contained in the web page Altafidelidade.pt: Product information offered to the customer: specifications, description, photograph for guidance (in each case). Information of the final price or the sale price to the public to purchase the product contained therein, the final cost to the customer including VAT, shipping charges and insurance of goods due to shipping and handling.

Note: Other menus can be viewed that help to complement the information.

Thus, the final cost will electronically be communicated to the customer during the purchasing process before your purchase by selecting the " Confirm Order " menu options. Discounts or promotional gifts are freely directed by ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT to their customers, are managed at each moment by ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT, in function of the product offered in accordance with the existing advertising at every moment in your Web page to perform the time order, once used the menu option "Confirm Order ". It is understood thus provided the consent of the client to the validity of the contract of purchase and sale that commits both parties.


The commitment of ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT of sale and shipment of the merchandise offered is limited to existing stock of the advertised product and the availability of the same until the end of existence, so that ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT in its commitment to quality and customer service, will make the greatest effort to, at all times, make available the published products. However, in exceptional circumstances, multiple orders or others, causing the rupture of the product's existence, the order and the underlying contract signed between both parties become void by virtue of this resolution clause, returning fully to the customer, in case of pre - payment, the amount paid for it, without being able to produce in favour of any party for any damages thirst for breach of contract, consequential damages or lost profits.

• The purchased product may suffer, by action of the manufacturer, no substantial changes in the components, features or services that integrates a batch, provided they do not entail a decrease of the qualities and characteristics published.

• Payment options: To ensure complete safety to the consumer of the cost of goods purchased, we established the following forms of payment:

1st. – Bank Transfer: in favour of ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT to the account number indicated on the confirmation email you receive upon completion of your order. Please be sure to indicate your order number (No. XXX) when requesting this payment from your bank.

2nd. - Payment by ATM does not involve any additional cost.

3rd. - Paypal, PayPal If already a customer, you can use this payment option.

In some cases the number of units of purchased goods may be limited.

Invoice: Once paid, ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT will send an invoice to the customer. ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT. warns that it can not subsequently modify the sales invoices in compliance with current legislation. The invoice will be issued in the name of the person or company that performs the request, so the client should make sure that performs the request with the correct data. For those reasons, there will be no change.

• Delivery of the commodity purchased: It depends primarily on the availability. This period starts counting up from the moment ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT becomes aware of the payment of the product. The delivery of the goods depends on the location of delivery. For an alleged delay in delivery that is more than 20 days on the approximate time of receipt of payment , provided that the delay is attributable to ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT, the customer with the prior written claim, may unilaterally withdraw the order, if the refunding amounts paid in the event of pre - payment and mutual agreement between both parties not to proceed with any claim for damages, present or future, direct or indirect damages or compensation in respect of consequential damages or thirst for lost profits.

• Place and manner of delivery: The order will be delivered in the address designated at the time of hiring. You cannot change the delivery address indicated initially from the time the order is invoiced and dispatched by our warehouse.  The goods will be delivered by the carrier, along with the guide which should include the information identifying the customer, the type of order, the price, the item number and the product it contains. When the client detects errors at the time of delivery of the goods received, or when they are in visibly damaged manor, you must specify this situation on the waybill and report that fact to ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT via   email;  comercial@altafidelidade.pt,  within 24 hours. The goods will be covered against risks of loss shipping and handling through to delivery to the customer. The customer should ALWAYS confirm that the goods were delivered in perfect condition. Subsequent claims to 24 hours after delivery of damaged packaging or external damage visibly assignable transport will not be accepted.

Delivering big products: large products such as televisions shall deliver to the door of the building, do not rise to the floor / apartment.


Product Guarantee

•All of our products offer a direct guarantee from the manufacturer, which in no case is less than two years, as it establishes the Decree Law No. 67/ 2003 of 8 April which regulates the sale of consumer goods and guarantees. The guarantee is valid in all member countries of the European Union.

• In case of any manufacturing defect and / or operation of the products purchased through ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT establishes as the sole responsibility of the same manufacturer. ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT in his capacity as sales company provides its customers with the mediation services needed to contact the manufacturer or distributor, realizing in this way the effective warranty to the customer pursuant thereto.

• Not to be considered consumers and users, for warranty purposes, those who do not become recipients, acquire, store, use or consume goods and / or services, in order to integrate them into processes of production, processing, marketing or provide third parties. Therefore not benefit from the rights granted to consumers.

Altafidelidade.pt is not responsible for the information, that might be erased, or the components are not original or added later by the customer and may result lost or damaged during handling and repair of equipment.

ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT is not responsible for any damage that may result from: misuse, improper handling and installation unprofessional. The warranty shall not apply when damage is caused by factors external to the normal use of the product, such as peaks (uphill or downhill) voltage, short circuits, use of unsuitable accessories or prohibited by manufacturers, falls, water, fire, handling inappropriate or abusive by the customer or by third persons not authorized by the manufacturers.


Client rights

Confidentiality and security of personal details in accordance with the provisions of national legislation in force on data protection. Not to distribute, publish or transmit customer data without your express consent.

Not receiving e-mails or promotional advertising unless express consent of the client. Query, modify and delete the personal data of the client that are in the database at the request of the ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT.

Free access to the open sections of the Web page ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT know at each moment the state of progress of the process of the order placed.

Right of withdrawal: In accordance with the provisions of Article 6. Decree- Law n. 143/2001, of 26 April, the customer has a period of 14 days to cancel the contract without penalty and without giving any reason, within that account from the day of receipt of order by the customer. To this request the number of return and the proper instructions by mail. If it is a technical defect, please contact first with the technical service of the brand to ensure the same. In the case of exercising the right of withdrawal, the customer shall keep the products and their packaging, in order to refund them in appropriate conditions of use for ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT, within 14 days from the date of its reception. The payment of transport costs caused by the exchange or return will be the responsibility of the user in case of dissatisfaction with the product, and the responsability of Altafidelidade.pt, in case of damage, wrong delivery of the product or product damaged in shipping.


Important Notice : When the client detects errors at the time of delivery of the goods received or when they are in visibly damaged , you must specify this situation on the waybill and report that fact to ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT within 24 hours via email comercial@altafidelidade.pt,  The goods will be covered against risks of loss shipping and handling through to delivery to the customer. The customer should ALWAYS confirm that the goods were delivered in perfect condition. Subsequent claims to 24 hours after delivery of damaged packaging or external damage visibly assignable transport will not be accepted. We remind  that still has 7 days to claim any lack of conformity with the well-received, via email to the attention of comercial@altafidelidade.pt  .º After Sales Dpt.

ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT does not accept any returns on products handled by the client, without the original packaging products factory, or goods that are returned incomplete, both in its main elements as accessories. Not valid the right of withdrawal after the deadline, or on products whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market not controlled by ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT or on objects liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly ( eg batteries, chargers and lamps ) , objects that could be easily reproduced with immediate or which by their nature cannot be returned . Also not valid on the resolution or order goods produced according to customer specifications or clearly personalized.

In any case you can not directly process the return on our Fiscal Domicile.

Return conditions:

ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT does not accept any wear or modification of the product to take it back in the moment of returning. A product that has been used and / or manipulated loses market value, even if it is in perfect condition, so that its value cannot be the refund of the original purchase.

The return merchandise must be secured in advance by the customer solely by the transport company CTT Expresso. The additional cost to the buyer will be 2,00 % of the value of the goods and must be paid in cash directly to the carrier. In no case will be possible to manage procedures for returns or exchanges at our registered office

ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT is not responsible for product returns handled by the customer, or goods given back incomplete both in its main elements as accessories. Not render the right to withdraw after the deadline or on products subject to the vagaries of a market not controlled by ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT not be considered consumers and users without those who constitute recipients acquire, store, use or consume goods and / or services in order to integrate them in processes of production, processing, marketing or provision to third parties, which do not benefit from the rights granted to final consumers.


Instructions for submitting product:

The delivery of the return cannot be made ​​directly in our facilities, which will be delivered to the carrier for your shipment. Please be advised that to avoid any damage caused by impact, it is necessary that the smaller products (cameras, accessories, etc.) Are protected by outer packaging - as received in your homes - and thereby avoid any imperfections or manipulations of original packaging of the product during shipping. For larger products (televisions.) it is not essential outer packaging to protect the original, even so, it is important to ensure that the product is sent well protected inside the original box and with the protections designed for this purpose (cellophane, plastic bubbles, etc.). and avoiding any type of manipulation. For any questions concerning the proper dispatch of products Altafidelidade.pt, contact our Customer Service department.

Important !

We remind consumers that will be considered all natural or legal persons " to whom goods are delivered, services rendered or transferred any rights, intended for non-professional use by person holding a professional basis an economic activity aimed at obtaining benefits " by which outside the scope of this ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT, reserves the right not to accept product returns when claiming giving up by this kind of customers .

Obligations of the Customer

Keep your personal codes with due diligence. Using the information published by ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT exclusively by the client and strictly personal business relationship desired. Do not reproduce, sell or dispose of the information published by ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT in all its contents without the express permission of the company. Using faithfully shopping service facilitated by ALTAFIDELIDADE.PT on your page, refraining from manipulating the contents thereof, or interfere in their computers through viruses or other conduct prohibited by law.

Respect the pact once accepted purchase order, the timely payment of predetermined price.

NOTE: In the products specifically ordered for a certain purchase devolution will not be accepted.


• Conserve, modify or suspend your page without notice.

• Modify the price offered.

• Refusing orders for lack of existence or lack of customer payment.

• Receive payment for customer purchases after accepting the transaction.

• Deny access to computer tools to customers if they do not comply with these conditions.

• Validate the order only after receiving confirmation of payment in case the customer has chosen to pay in advance.

• To maintain the domain ownership and preserve the complete property of the product until complete payment received from client.

• To be granted the right of making auctions of goods and services in its web page.